Men Of Sapphire Tickets





Tickets Will be picked up at the Sapphire Las Vegas

Shows Currently Running at the Sapphire Las Vegas:

Friday & Saturday at 10:00pm

Ladies, if you're looking for a party with so much more than the usual male entertainers, then this is the place to be! Your evening will include a variety of international accents and hard bodies providing choreographed stage performances as well as personal one on one entertainment. Enjoy the male eye candy as each performer takes his turn on stage. You can expect a lot of crowd interaction because you will be encouraged to not only see the show but to be the show. If you're lucky, you'll get called up on stage for an impromptu up-close-and-personal performance. Your dreams of an up close encounter with beautiful strong men come true at Men of Sapphire! Ladies are also summoned to crowd around the stage where a guy will give you a little extra special attention - for a dollar.