Las Vegas Nightclubs

nightclubsThe most entertaining part of a bachelorette party in Las Vegas is partying until the early hours of the morning in some of the world's top nightclubs. Las Vegas has a plethora of amazing nightclub locations to celebrate the last gaps of singlehood. Certain clubs are open during the weekdays that throw parties that feel no different than a weekend celebration. Most clubs have comped entry for groups of women, and simply contacting a host or promoter should secure your group's spot.

Promotors and hosts are typically at the door of the club during the day, or simply check out which provides direct access to each of the clubs for guest list. Similarly, clubs usually have tables for bachelorette groups to party the night away for free, or if you want a section and bottle service all your own, make reservations beforehand. The following clubs have specific bachelorette programs that can cater to your group's partying needs:

With so many nightclubs and dayclubs to choose from in Las Vegas, it is helpful to get an understanding of the common questions and answers groups have about them.

Free Guest Lists

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When To Go To Vegas Clubs

Nightclubs tend to be open every night of the week in Las Vegas. On Friday and Saturday nights all will be open, and for the other days of the week some will be open. Nightclub hours are pretty similar with being open at 10:30pm and closing at 4:00am.