nightclubsThe most entertaining part of a bachelorette party in Las Vegas is partying until the early hours of the morning in some of the world's top nightclubs. Las Vegas has a plethora of amazing nightclub locations to celebrate the last gaps of singlehood. Certain clubs are open during the weekdays that throw parties that feel no different than a weekend celebration. Most clubs have comped entry for groups of women, and simply contacting a host or promoter should secure your group's spot. Promotors and hosts are typically at the door of the club during the day, or simply check out which provides direct access to each of the clubs for guest list. Similarly, clubs usually have tables for bachelorette groups to party the night away for free, or if you want a section and bottle service all your own, make reservations beforehand. The following clubs have specific bachelorette programs that can cater to your group's partying needs:


Light Group

The Light Group company encompasses upscale restaurants, lounges, pool parties, and nightclubs up and down the strip. Utilize their custom concierge services to ensure a memorable experience. They offer all-inclusive planning services that can include dining. ! Their nightlife venues include Light, 1Oak, The Bank, and Haze. Nicole Navitsky is in charge of their bachelorette program, and is ready to tailor mix and match offerings to suit your needs and plan your entire weekend for you.  Check out their Special Events for upcoming opportunities.


Tao Group

Tao Group has established itself as a staple in the party scene for years. Known for having headlining DJs, celebrity appearances are common in their venues that include Tao, Marquee, and Lavo. With clubs that have multiple rooms, multiple sounds, and some of the hottest gogos and best waitresses in town, your group can't go wrong with a night at one of their clubs. Savannah Moline heads the bachelorette programs for Tao and Lavo, and her counterpart Leah Lopez does the planning for Marquee.


The Palms

The Palms shines brightest once the sun goes down. For those who want a sizzling dance floor with a view, nothing tops Ghostbar. The venue lets you party literally on top of the city being located at the top of the hotel tower. If you’re looking for a different vibe, our lounges and bars are a comfortable, stylish way to make the most of the night. Stephanie Salas will be your bachelortte planner here.



Chateau Nightclub & Gardens features three separate nightlife experiences including a high-engergy club, an outdoor terrace that overlooks Las Vegas Blvd., and a magnificent party spot set right beneath the arches of the Eifel Tower. We love the outdoor sections as they provide the perfect opportunity to mingle and meet new friends to party with. Stacey Moffitt will be your bachelorette planner here.



One of the coolest non-megaclub locations is Hyde at the Bellagio. This upscale club has an open terrace and unobstructed view of the famous Bellagio fountains that dance a water ballet. Their monthly and seasonal XIV Sunday dress up parties are a staple in town, and one of the most popular nightlife events. Contact Jasmin Hoy for your group's reservations.


Free Guest Lists

Want to hit multiple night spots and pool parties during your trip? Want to have quick and easy free entry? Want to take advatange of open bars? Look no further than NoCoverNightclubs. It is your easy breezy all access Las Vegas solution, and comes highly recommended by our team.